Engineering Services


The Engineering Department responsibilities include:  

  • Assisting developers of construction projects
  • Providing information about the city utility infrastructure
  • Issuing driveway and culvert permits
  • Maintaining the mapping of all city facilities and water/wastewater infrastructure
  • Maintaining the mapping of all Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) flood control elevations and locations
  • Providing survey locations of water and wastewater piping

Culvert & Driveway Permits

The Engineering Department oversees the management, planning, design, and construction of utilities and public works infrastructure as well as land development projects within the city limits and its extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Develops and maintains maps for alleyways, sewers, drainage, streets, and water
  • Provides utility location assistance to Water Utilities, Public Works crews, and to the general public.
  • Helps identify needs for new or replacement capital improvement projects for water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and streets.
  • Designs capital improvement projects for:
    • Parks
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Storm Drainage
    • Streets
    • Traffic Control Systems
    • Water
  • Performs traffic engineering studies and responds to requests for traffic control modifications.
  • Oversees easement and/or right-of-way acquisition as a right-of-way agent for the City.
  • Performs deed research and prepares easement and/or legal descriptions as necessary.
  • Coordinates and manages teams of consulting engineers, architects, scientists, and specialists as needed for various City projects.
  • Develops standard specifications and plans (details) for City projects in addition to preparing contract documents, acquiring bids, and overseeing the construction phase of improvement projects by monitoring construction progress, costs, and quality.
  • Assists land planning and development activities by reviewing site plans and plats for proposed developments.
  • Reviews plans for improvements to streets, utilities, and other public infrastructure to ensure compliance with city standards.
  • Oversees construction quality for land development projects.
  • Files and maintains records of plats, site plans, and engineering plans.
  • Reviews, monitors, and implements the city’s flood plain development ordinance and issues flood plain development permits, as well as issuing driveway and storm drainage culvert permits.
  • Performs reproduction services for large size copying of maps and file information for city staff and the general public (on a fee basis).
  • Maintains records of street names and locations for the 911 system network and assigns addresses for properties within the City.
  • Coordinates water and sanitary sewer service requests and generates work orders as necessary.
  • Computes and maintains databases for pro-rata water and sanitary sewer connection fees.
  • Performs field surveys for "as-built/record" drawing locations of public utility systems and street improvements.
  • Marks city right-of-way and easements as needed.
  • Assesses the needs in neighborhoods for street lights and receives calls for replacements.
  • Maintains and installs new or replacement street signs for the City of Marshall.
  • Records fire hydrant flow testing information and maintenance for the Fire Department. Employees also write work orders for maintenance and replacement of fire hydrants.