Backflow Prevention

cAs required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the City of Marshall has an approved Backflow/Cross Connection program in place to protect our drinking water supply. The backflow prevention program is in place to ensure safety of our treated water system.

If a water main breaks down the street, causing the water pressure to drop suddenly, it will create a backflow condition causing the hazardous liquid to be back-siphoned or sucked through the water hose into the city’s water main. After the repair has been made and as the water pressure is restored, this hazardous liquid could flow back into any customer’s drinking water system.

Through regulation, testing, and inspection the program locates areas of potential cross connection of any outside water sources and potential locations that could create a backflow into our treated water system.

Continued Upgrades

To protect our drinking water supply, the City of Marshall continues to upgrade its program for Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control. As required by TCEQ, the city continues to contact various businesses and residents with lawn sprinkling systems informing them to have their plumbing systems checked for proper backflow prevention assemblies and cross-connection control devices. All backflow prevention assemblies with test cocks must be checked on installation and annually thereafter by a state-licensed tester.

For More Information

For more information about backflow prevention and cross-connection control measures, please call Joyce Ross-Gatson at 903-934-7822.