City Council


(See information about attending City Council meetings virtually).

  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6 pm
  • City Hall
    401 S Alamo Boulevard
    City Council Chambers
    Marshall, TX 75670

Citizen Comments

Residents are encouraged to attend City Council meetings virtually or in person and voice their concerns or views on issues listed on the scheduled meeting agenda. Members of the public will need to submit the public comment form prior to the time the meeting is scheduled to begin and up to when the public comment portion of the meeting has concluded. Individuals have three (3) minutes to voice concerns or views. However, if more than three (3) minutes will be needed, contact the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting to request an additional two minutes to speak.

**If you would like to have an item placed on the agenda please contact one of your City Councilmembers or the appropriate Department Director. You can determine which Councilmembers represent you by referencing the City Council Precinct Maps page, locating your street and the corresponding district.

Agendas & Minutes

View the most recent agendas and minutes.  Agendas are available prior to the meetings; minutes are available following approval.

City Council


The municipal government of the City of Marshall is known as a council-manager type of government. All powers of the City rest in an elected Council which

  • Adopts budgets
  • Appoints: 
    • City Attorney
    • City Manager, who executes the laws and administers the government of the City
    • City Secretary
    • Judge of the Municipal Court
  • Determines policies
  • Enacts local legislation

City of Marshall Organizational Chart

Districts & Elections

The City is divided into seven single-member districts, with elections held in even-numbered years. An election for Districts 1 through 4, for a four-year term, will be held May 4, 2024, and an election for Districts 5 through 7, for a four-year term, will be held May 2, 2026. Elections are held on the first Saturday in May, and the City Council selects from its members one Council Member to serve as Mayor and one to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

Information regarding the May 4, 2024 election can be found on the City Secretary page.