Water Source & Distribution

Water Source

The water supply for the City of Marshall is Big Cypress Bayou. Water is pumped 10.5 miles and then flows by gravity 4.5 miles to the Water Treatment Plant.

The water rights permit held by the City of Marshall from Big Cypress Bayou allows for an annual diversion of 16,000 acre-feet. Additionally, the City of Marshall has entered into a contract with the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District to purchase up to 9,000 acre-feet of water per year from Lake O’ the Pines.

Water Distribution Operations

The Water Distribution Division is responsible for the daily maintenance and distribution integrity of over 182 miles of piping in our water distribution system, up to the customer’s water meter.

Staff also repair line breaks 24 hours a day and provide daily maintenance and testing of fire hydrants. Department personnel will assist when requested, at no charge, in determining causes and remedies of water problems on private property within reasonable limits.

Distribution System

The water distribution system has approximately 182 miles of mains ranging in size from two-inches in diameter to thirty-six inches in diameter. Static water pressure on the system ranges from 35 psi to 125 psi. There are two overhead storage tanks with storage capacity of 2 million gallons.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is a secondary function of the water distribution system. At least 90% of the improved property within the City is within 500 feet or less of an approved fire hydrant. Maintenance of the hydrants along with other appurtenances is carried out by the Water Department.

Main, Tap & Appurtenance Installation

All mains and appurtenances are installed in accordance with applicable codes adopted by the City Commission. Actual construction is performed by the City or private contractors as circumstances warrant.

Installation of water connection (taps) and service connections from the main to a point outside the curb area or point of the meter set is performed by employees of the Water Department or a contractor approved by the Director of Public Works and Water Utilities.

The department charges for each new tapping of the water mains for a connection. This charge is determined by the size of the connection and the size of the meter.

For More Information

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