Drainage IssueResponsibilities

This division is responsible for the daily maintenance of ditches and drainage in the street right-of-way, street stormwater structures, and creeks where the city has existing easements.

Roadside Ditch Maintenance

Roadside and some off-road ditch maintenance is the responsibility of the Street Division Drainage Crew and includes the regrading of roadside ditches, including flushing culverts under driveways and streets. While the city Code of Ordinances mandates abutting property owners maintain ditches free of debris, the crews will regrade ditches that become heavily silted. Existing drainage culverts are also flushed during this activity. 

New Driveway Culverts

New culverts or culverts that are damaged or undersized under residential or commercial driveways are the property owner’s responsibility for replacement. Off-road drainage ditches are cleaned and regraded by the city if we have an existing drainage easement; otherwise, it is the responsibility of property owners. These off-road ditches collect stormwater from many smaller ditches and storm sewers and transport it to larger ditches and/or creeks maintained by the City of Marshall.

Storm Water Sewer Maintenance

Storm water sewer maintenance is the responsibility of the Street Division Drainage Crew who handles the operation and maintenance of the City’s stormwater sewer system including tasks such as cleaning manholes and inlets as well as replacing missing manhole covers. The stormwater sewer system is very different from the sanitary sewer system that carries waste from your home. These sewers are designed only for stormwater and empty directly into major ditches and creeks. Residents are reminded to refrain from disposing grass clippings, motor oil, or other items in the stormwater sewer system.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

The NPDES is a federally-mandated program that monitors and inspects runoff from manufacturers and industrial businesses to prevent pollutants from entering our streams, rivers and lakes. The city will investigate reported or suspected illegal discharges into the stormwater system and disposal of commercial, industrial, or household hazardous materials.

Local Drainage Projects (LDP)

The LDP stems from service requests related to storm water maintenance, whether it is a stormwater sewer, roadside ditching, or an off-road ditching concern. Maintenance crews do an on-site assessment of the request to determine if the request/concern qualifies for further city involvement. If it does, a work order is generated and work is scheduled based on the greatest need. Large drainage issues are forwarded to the Public Works Director to be reviewed as part of a future capital improvement project.