Municipal Drainage Utility System

The Municipal Drainage Utility System was created by the City Commission pursuant to Chapter 552 of the Texas Local Government Code to fund numerous drainage maintenance and improvement projects. The Municipal Drainage Utility System is separate from the water system or sanitary sewer system.

Stormwater Drainage Management

Marshall has extensive stormwater drainage management needs as most recently evidenced by flooding and massive damage in 2015 and 2016.  The last major drainage improvement program and study was completed in 1971. Historically, the city has relied on the General Fund to support the construction of projects to reduce flooding and for maintenance of drainage infrastructures, such as storm drain systems, ditches/channels, and roadway culverts. 

Drainage Fee System

The drainage fee system was created by the City Commission in 2016 in response to the huge number of needed drainage and flooding related issues.  Drainage improvements and reducing the number of major flooding incidents are a "public safety" issue. The Municipal Drainage Utility System funding will play a critical role in protecting public health and safety in our community and reducing flooding events and allowing daily maintenance of drainage, culverts, gutters, and right-of-ways.