History of Marshall Fire Department

The Marshall Fire Department can trace its beginning back to the formation of the Salamander Volunteer Fire Company, chartered on December 1, 1871.

Volunteer Members

It began with 57 chartered volunteer members. By 1876, there were three more volunteer fire companies, the Stonewall, the Red Star, and the Texas and Pacific fire Company.

On June 1, 1876, all four volunteer fire departments signed a pact to join together to protect the citizens of the City of Marshall.

Paid Members

Around 1910, the City of Marshall formed a paid fire department and appointed Sid Coleman as its first fire chief. Paid drivers would bring firefighting equipment to the fire scenes and would be met by the fire chief and volunteers.

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Fire Suppression & Emergency Medical Response

The Marshall Fire Department provides Fire Suppression and Emergency Medical response to the citizens of Marshall and also provides Emergency Medical response to much of Harrison County. 

Fire Suppression response is also provided to Harrison County citizens through an Inter-local agreement and mutual aid agreements. The major responsibilities of the Fire Department are Fire Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Training, and Fire Prevention. The Fire Department has many other specialized duties such as Rescue, Hazardous Materials Response, including Bio-Terrorism Response, and Emergency Management Support. The Marshall Fire Department currently has 50 certified firefighters and one secretary.