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Pickleball Registration & Waiver

  1. Pickleball Logo
  2. Pickleball Costs (pay at the Convention Center):

    $5 Daily Pass

    $50 Punch Card (Good for 10 sessions)

    $100 Summer Pass (Good for one person between May-August)

  3. Waiver:

    In consideration of my and/or my child’s participation in playing pickleball at the Marshall Convention Center, I hereby release and discharge the City of Marshall and its representatives from any and all liability arising from accidents, injuries, and illnesses that I may suffer as a result of my and/or my child’s participation in this activity.  I also understand that I must follow the rules and regulations established by the City of Marshall and ensure that children I am responsible for do as well.  

    I do hereby grant and give the City of Marshall the right to use my and/or my child’s photograph or image with or without my or my child’s name, both singly and in conjunction with other persons in presentations, advertising, publicity, and promotion relating thereto.

    Parent and/or guardian must sign for anyone age 17 and under.

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