Economic Development

The Economic Development Division is responsible for recruitment and retention of retail and quality of life establishments for the benefit of our residents and visitors, and to increase sales revenue for the city.

Marshall is Centered in a World of Opportunity

Marshall is poised for growth at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Highway 59 along with the honor of hosting 2 four-year universities, a state technical college, and a junior college.

Employers have a diverse workforce to choose from, with workers specializing in a number of disciplines ranging from welding to cyber-security and from business administration to biomedical research.   

US Highway 59 offers prime potential for new retail and commercial businesses as evidenced by the recent construction of restaurants and businesses, such as an ATV dealership and an automotive body shop. With the understanding of the vital role that retail and commercial economic development plays in enhancing the quality of life for the community, the City’s commitment to the creation and preservation of such development is strong.

  1. Physical Address
    401 S Alamo Blvd.
    Marshall, TX 75670

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 698
    Marshall, TX 75671