The mission of the Finance Department is to provide timely, complete and accurate financial information to the City Council, City Manager, and all departments and to properly safeguard the assets of the City.


  • Maintain the general ledger system
  • Maintain the bi-weekly payroll
  • Generate vendor accounts payable checks
  • Perform daily cash and banking activities
  • Maintain financial records for all city grant programs
  • Maintain all city bank accounts
  • Maintain investment records
  • Prepare quarterly investment reports

The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation of the periodic reports to federal and state agencies and the bi-annual depository contracts. The department bills and collects Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax, coordinates with the city’s independent, federal and state auditors, and prepares financial reports for the City Council and City Manager. The department also maintains the capital asset records of the city.

City Budget & Board Membership

The Finance Director and staff also assist the City Manager with the preparation of the annual city budget. The Finance Director serves as trustee on the Firemen’s Relief and Retirement Pension Fund Board and as an ex-officio member of the Board of the Marshall Downtown Development Corporation.