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Public Comment Form

  1. 1. Every open meeting (regular meetings and work sessions), will include a public comment section on the agenda that will be placed after the presentations & proclamations, as applicable, or prior to any other agenda items to be heard by the governmental body (Governance Policy). 

    2. Turn in the Public Comment Form to the City Secretary prior to the time the meeting is scheduled to begin and up to when the public comment portion of the meeting has concluded. 

    3. Clearly state your name and address when you begin your remarks. 

    4. Speakers are limited to three (3) minutes unless additional time was requested prior to the beginning of the meeting. 

    5. Direct your comments to the City Council. 

    6. If you wish to speak about an item that is a Public Hearing, you will be called after the Mayor opens the Public Hearing for that item. 

    7. Remarks that are prohibited by law will not be tolerated. 

    8. Any person wishing to make a presentation that includes any form of electronic media must provide that digital file to the City Secretary’s Office, or other appropriate department, by 12 noon on the day of the meeting for review by the staff. The file must be compatible with the City’s technology equipment. The information shall not contain remarks that are prohibited by law. 

    9. The Texas Open Meetings Act restricts members of the governing body from discussing items not posted on the agenda. Action or responses to your remarks by members of the governing body (if not a posted agenda item) is limited to either a statement of fact, recitation of existing policy, or a proposal to place the subject on the agenda for a future meeting. 

    10. City Council jurisdiction includes City policy and legislative issues. Daily operational and administrative matters should first be dealt with at the administrative level by calling City Hall at 903.935.4421 during business hours. 

    This form is considered a public record and your name and address will be included in the official minutes. 

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