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  1. Application for Appointment to City Boards and Committees

    The City of Marshall has many opportunities for citizens to serve on various boards and committees. Most board members are appointed by... More…

  2. Volunteer Opportunities

    This is the new form for Volunteer Opportunities created October 29, 2022 by Jimmie Rambo.

  1. Public Comment Form

    Submission form for public comments during open meetings.

  2. Volunteer Opportunity

    This is the Volunteer Opportunity Registration form that will email kimmie.


  1. Damage Claim Form

    Online Damage Claim form for submitting a damge claim to the City of Marshall

  1. Finance Organizational Chart

Fire Department

  1. Marshall Fire Department Candidate Interest Form

    This form is for candidates interested in becoming a Fireman.

Police Department

  1. Marshall Police Department Candidate Interest Form

    Interested in joining the ranks of the Marshall Police Department? Complete the form below.

Support Services

  1. Cybersecurity Training

    Form for users to certify their completion of annual cybersecurity training for 2022-2023.