If I see a person open carrying a handgun, should I call the police?

Yes, you can call the police, but before you call, observe how the person is acting. If they are acting suspicious, or enter a building such as a school, then please give us a call. But, if they are simply at a gas station filling up their car, then they are probably a law-abiding citizen who is legally open carrying.

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1. If a person is open carrying a handgun, how does a police officer determine if he is carrying the handgun legally?
2. If I see a person open carrying a handgun, should I call the police?
3. If you are walking down a street, and an officer approaches you, is it a voluntary encounter, or at this point am I “detained”?
4. If I am open carrying a handgun, am I allowed to get out of my car, take the holster off my belt, and place it into the trunk of my car?
5. As a parent, I am concerned with my kids being around people open carrying a handgun. What do I tell my kids to do when they see someone with a pistol on their hip?
6. In a government building such as a police station, can someone carry a handgun?
7. Will the presence of an open carried handgun during a verbal altercation between two people, elevate this altercation to an aggravated assault because a handgun has been “exhibited”?
8. Since an open carried weapon must either be carried in a shoulder holster or a belt holster, will there be a set standard that constitutes what is considered a shoulder or belt holster?
9. If an officer sees me openly carrying a handgun in a shoulder or belt holster, is that officer legally able to ask me for proof that I have a handgun license?
10. If I am carrying a handgun, and I am approached by a police officer, what steps should I take to ensure that the police officer and myself both feel safe during this transaction?
11. Will we have access to information that simplifies the penal code down into easily understandable facts for the general public?
12. Once a police officer determines that you are carrying a handgun legally, does the situation turn from the person being detained, to being a casual encounter?
13. If I want to prohibit both concealed carry and open carry in my private business what signs do I need to have displayed?
14. If I am a private business owner and I do not have the proper 30.06 and 30.07 signs posted and I ask someone to leave my store who is carrying a weapon, are they still legally required to leave even t
15. If I use a “drop leg” holster that holds my gun around the middle of my thigh, will I get arrested for having an improper holster?
16. If my private business has multiple entrances, can I post the 30.06 and 30.07 signs at the main entrance, or do I need to post them at every entrance?
17. Does a citizen have the right to ask a handgun license carrier for proof of licensing?
18. Since open carry is now legal, does that mean that I am no longer able to conceal my handgun?
19. What advice would you give to someone who is feeling anxious or intimidated in an open carry environment?
20. Since the public is not allowed to open carry a weapon, will you allow off duty police officers to be able to open carry their handgun?
21. Organizations opposing open carry said that if they see someone carrying they will call 911 and say the person is aggressive and threatening people. How will the police handle this?