Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 CIP=$12,800,000                                                           

City HallPark100 Block E. Houston
Parks & Recreation
Public Works

FY2025-FY2032 CIP

To identify projects as part of the CIP preparation, the City considers input from citizens, the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, and city staff members. A project list is compiled by the Engineering Department, a division of the Public Works Department, and prioritizes projects by year and assigns cost estimates. A final ten-year CIP is then presented, and projects are grouped into four categories:

  • Government: Projects of citywide importance not included in other categories and are general in nature and do not fit into a specific category.
  • Parks & Recreation: Projects including neighborhood parks, City Arena, and Airport Park
  • Public Works: Projects including street improvements, drainage improvements, and traffic.
  • Water/Sewer Utilities: Includes water and wastewater projects.