Mobilize Marshall Plan of Action

Parenthetical number reflects commissioner votes for category. Please note one commissioner was not able to participate in the Mobilize Marshall process.

Short Term (1 - 3 years) 

Improve Economic Development (6) 

1. Establish funding & support for City of Marshall retail economic development office 

2. Work closely with Marshall Economic Development Corporation to promote economic development 

  1. Participate in retention & expansion program led by  Marshall Economic Development Corporation 
  2. Promote business development in all areas of the City 
  3. Develop film/movie industry possibilities in area 
  4. Develop land use and infrastructure plan for future Highway 369 improvements 
  5. Develop private/public partnerships, including the leveraging of institutions of high learning 

3. Implement “Cradle of Entrepreneurship” Program 

4. Establish alternatives for senior housing (full spectrum)  

5. Explore all grant opportunities to assist in economic development 

6. Annex areas that make good business sense for the City 

7. Implement plan to reduce building vacancies 

8. Leverage East Texas Council of Governments grant for broadband 

9. Expand hospital services 

10. Expand restaurant opportunities 

Quality of Life (6) 

1. Increase investment in existing parks (especially Airport Park) 

2. Develop trails & bike ways system 

3. Explore parks & recreation programming 

  1. Explore an active youth center  
  2. Partnership with Boys & Girls Club 
  3. Explore health & wellness center 

4. Construct a splash pad 

5. Examine the need for additional parks (expand locations & areas) 

6. Establish way finding & general signage plan 

7. Facilitate affordable housing & assistance for improving properties 

8. Add picnic tables to park areas 

Infrastructure Improvements (6) 

1. Develop comprehensive plan for roadway and drainage improvements 

2. Adequately fund roadway and drainage on an annual basis 

3. Cleanup & develop creek areas 

Enhance Appearance (6) 

1. Increased code enforcement/Monthly report from Municipal Court activity and Community Service programs 

2. Address derelict buildings 

3. Establish neighborhood redevelopment program (partner with churches & local service organizations) 

4. Implement anti-littering campaign 

5. Improved curb appeal for entire City 

6. Establish gateway signage 

Downtown Redevelopment (5) 

1. Make downtown a destination  

2. Develop and implement Phase 1 of Downtown Redevelopment Plan with design review standards 

3. T.I.F. (Tax increment financing) created before Phase 1 of Redevelopment Plan is implemented 

4. Establish Historic Preservation Ethic 

5. Leverage & support museums 

6. Explore the opportunity for a Cultural Arts District 

7. Additional festivals/programs 

8. Pass a food truck ordinance 

Utility Infrastructure (5) 

1. Create comprehensive capital improvement plan for water and sewer utilities 

2. Adequately fund water and sewer system improvements on an annual basis 

Mid-Term (3 - 5 years) 

Revenue Enhancements (1) 

1. Comprehensive study of 10 similar cities to determine new revenue sources 

Sports Authority Development 

(1) 1. Utilize sport facilities to create tournaments and develop recreational tourism under the authority of a sports authority 

Long-Term (5 - 10 years) 

Public Safety (0) 

1. Fund neighborhood policing officers as part of the neighborhood redevelopment plan 

2. Implement Fire Department accreditation 

3. Replace existing and add additional street lights 

4. Improve public safety in school zones (Wiley, ETBU, etc.) 

City Facilities (0) 

1. Create improvement plan to get all City facilities to an acceptable level 

2. Establish sinking fund in budget to allow for annual building improvements to prevent borrowing money for repairs