Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Collection Operations

The function of this division is to safely and efficiently collect and transport spent wastewater from the residences, businesses, and industries, from the point of discharge into our wastewater piping system to the point of treatment. 

This is accomplished by an effective team of employees operating within state, federal, and local rules and regulations. The wastewater/sanitary sewer collection and outfall system has more than 230 miles of mains, ranging in size from six inches in diameter to thirty-three inches in diameter.

The division is also responsible for:

  • Making repairs 24 hours a day to the system pipelines and appurtenances, performing preventative maintenance cleaning, adjusting manholes, cleanouts, and other components
  • Reducing outside water inflow and infiltration into the piping system to reduce treatment costs and increase plant efficiency
  • Maintaining safety standards for tench and confined space entry to the sewers and protect public health by reducing sewer spills
  • Installation of sewer connections (taps) for new customers

Flow Maintenance

The City of Marshall is responsible for maintaining proper flow within our piping main and will service the customer’s service line from the main to the customer’s property line (provided customer has a properly installed sewer cleanout installed at the property line for city access). Otherwise, customers are responsible for property operation of their service line from the city main to their home or point of use.


For more information, contact:

Chris Miles,

Assistant Director of Public Works
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Phone: 903-934-7823
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