Municipal Court

Duties & Responsibilities

The court has jurisdiction over criminal offenses which occur within the territorial limits of the city and provides judicial processing of citations such as:

  • Animal control cases
  • Code enforcement cases
  • Traffic and parking citations

Pay Traffic Tickets Online

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The Marshall Municipal Court processes approximately 6,000 Class "C" Misdemeanor offenses per year. These offenses consist of moving and non-moving traffic violations (such as speeding and failure to maintain financial responsibility) to penal code violations (such as public intoxication, theft less than $50 and assault by contact). These offenses also include violations of city ordinances (such as junk vehicles, animal violations and excessive noise).

Defendant’s Options

A ticket or citation is issued by an officer, and a copy of the ticket is filed in the Marshall Municipal Clerk’s Office. The ticket is entered, and the defendant (the person to whom the ticket was issued) is to appear at the clerk’s office by the date written on the ticket.

If a person wishes to pay the fine, he/she is allowed to do so without appearing (all city code violations must appear before the judge for sentencing). If a person wishes to appear before the judge, he/she is placed on a plea docket and is summoned to appear before the judge.

Driver Responsibility Program

Notice: Effective September 1, 2019, the State of Texas has repealed the Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) - Chapter 708, Transportation Code. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has reinstated all driver privileges that were previously suspended solely for having unpaid surcharges.

If your license was suspended for other offenses, check the status of your driver license and determine any reinstatement requirements by visiting the Texas Department of Public Safety License Eligibility page

DPS offers programs that may reduce or waive surcharges. For more information about DRP, along with details on available surcharge discounts and other surcharge assistance programs, visit the Driver’s License informational website.