We are facing a new era of defining what constitutes a park. No longer seen as simply grass and trees, parks provide a multitude of benefits to their users. In the past, parks brought an element of the country into the city. They provided relief from overcrowded housing conditions and congestion. They later evolved into recreation centers and facilities. These park functions all continue to have value today. Parks, however, have begun to play a more integrated role in our environments.

In so many other aspects of life, the key to running a successful city is having the ability to strike a balance between young and old, tradition and innovation, and the needs of one versus the needs of many. Keeping this in mind, the City Of Marshall continually strive to honor the past while embracing the challenges of the future, and to serve an entire community while maintaining meaningful connections with individual participants.

The City of Marshall provides formal and informal gathering places for building relationships. Acting together as a community joined together by it's residents to positively influence property values and give city dwellers a place to connect to the natural world. This also makes the City Of Marshall more inviting for living, working, and relaxing.


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