CIty of Marshall, Texas Downtown Old Courthouse

The City Of Marshall's historic preservation program seeks to encourage investment in Marshall's older areas.  Encouraging investment in these older neighborhoods and the downtown is wise public policy.  Marshall's older neighborhoods and the downtown give the city a character and image unlike any other place.  Marshall's distinct identity is portrayed in neighborhoods such as East End and Northside; Rainey Addition and Gregg Addition; Belmont and Baptist Hill; New Town and West End;  South Marshall, Sunny South and Yankee Stadium; and in the Original Townsite neighborhoods and downtown.
Two programs work together to preserve Marshall's unique identity and then use this unique identity to encourage investment in the older areas of Marshall.  Helping Marshall's older neighborhoods thrive and prosper is the goal of the Historic Preservation  program. Marshall's Main Street program focuses on the revitalization of Marshall's historic downtown commercial area. 

Why preserve?

Preservation honors those who have come before us. They lived, worked and invested in our community. By preserving their accomplishments we honor them.

Preservation makes economic sense. Preservation encourages investment in the older areas of Marshall. More than 50% of Marshall’s building stock is historic and most are located in our older neighborhoods. Through the rehabilitation of these buildings, property values increase and the City’s tax base expands. Heritage tourism generates local tax dollars.

Preservation can add to the affordable housing stock. Much of the older housing is of the size and in a price range so that is affordable to low and moderate income families.

Preservation is an effective tool for neighborhood revitalization. Stable, healthy residential neighborhoods are the backbone of all communities. Historic preservation, when viewed as conservation of older neighborhoods, can strengthen neighborhoods. Preservation of their neighborhood can be a rallying point for residents to organize and work together for the betterment of their community. Marshall’s New Town Association organized after participating in an historic preservation planning process that resulted in a New Town action plan. Actions from that plan are now being implemented.

Our historic buildings give our community character. They set us apart from any other place. Most towns in Texas have a Wal-Mart. Only Marshall has our unique courthouse in its beautiful setting on the downtown square. Only Marshall has the beautiful architecture of the Weisman building. Only Marshall has a New Town neighborhood surrounding historic Wiley College.

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