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City of Marshall, Texas Water Meter Team

Reading Your Water Meter   

Residents of the United States use more water per person than any other country.  On the average, each family turns on a tap between 70 and 100 times daily.  In Marshall you can enjoy an 8 ounce glass of water 15,000 times for the approximate same price as a six pack of soda.

Have you ever wondered how much water you use and for what purpose?  It's easy to determine by simply reading the water meter.  To look at the meter, remove the meter box lid and move or wipe the dirt away from the meter dial.  (Dirt accumulation in the meter box is normal.)  Read from left to right just like the odometer on your vehicle.  The second to the last number is the actual gallon.  The circle, shown in red in the above model, is the leak indicator.

Meter readings are progressive in nature.  That is, as water is used, the numbers on the dial will progressively increase. To find out how much water was used since your last billing, subtract the reading on your last bill from the reading you take.  Remember, for billing purposes, we record usage in thousands of gallons only.

How Much Water Are You Using?

A major use for water during many months of the year is outside irrigation.  By turning on your sprinkler and watching the meter dial for one minute, you can determine how many gallons are recorded.

Then, multiply this gallon figure times the number of minutes you leave the sprinkler running and you will know exactly how much water is used for irrigation at any given time.  This will allow a projection of the volume used over a week's period or even a month.

An alternative is to read the meter just before and after irrigation watering.  The same results can be obtained.  These methods can also be utilized in determining how much water is used for any other purpose such as showering, clothes washing, etc.

When you finish reading the meter, always be sure the meter lid is placed securely on the meter box to avoid a safety hazard.

By knowing how much water you use for what purpose, you may find ways to conserve, which not only helps in water preservation, but also saves you money.

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