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To increase transparency and community engagement, the business of the City of Marshall City Commission can be found below in their interactive video format.  

Meetings are generally held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 401 S. Alamo, Commission Chambers, City Hall. However, we do have Special Call Meetings, Town Hall Meetings, Budget Meetings, etc.

Per the meeting place for the City Commission Meeting an interactive video format may or may not be made, however if an interactive video recording  has been created it will be posted in this same forum."Video On Demand" VOD

The agenda and the minutes from the dated Commission Meeting interactive Video will be posted directly beside the City Commission Meeting Interactive Video Recordings to help provide you with as much information as possible and help maintain the City Of Marshall transparency and community engagement.


City Commission Meeting 11102016                            Agenda 11102016                               Minutes 11102016

City Commission Meeting 10272016                            Agenda 10272016                               Minutes 10272016

City Commission Meeting 10132016                             Agenda 10132016                              Minutes 10132016

City Commission Meeting 09232016                             Agenda 09232016                              Minutes 09232016

City Commission Meeting 09222016                             Agenda 09222016                              Minutes 09222016

City Commission Meeting 09152016                              Agenda 09152016                              Minutes 09152016

City Commission Meeting 09142016                              Agenda 09142016                              Minutes 09142016

City Commission Meeting 09082016                              Agenda 09082016                              Minutes 09082016

City Commission Meeting 08252016                              Agenda 08252016                              Minutes 08252016

City Commission Meeting 08112016                              Agenda 08112016                              Minutes 08112016

City Commission Meeting 07282016                              Agenda 07282016                              Minutes 07282016

City Commission Meeting 07142016                              Agenda 07142016                              Minutes 07142016

City Commission Meeting 06232016                              Agenda 06232016                              Minutes 06232016

City Commission Meeting 06092016                              Agenda 06092016                              Minutes 06092016

City Commission Meeting 06082016                              Agenda 06082016                              Minutes 06082016

City Commission Meeting 05262016                              Agenda 05262016                              Minutes 05262016

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