Christmas Trash & Recycle Collection

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Christmas Trash & Recycle Collection


[Marshall, Texas, December 20, 2019] As Christmas is quickly approaching, your City of Marshall staff would like to remind our community members of the modified trash and recycle collection days from Republic Services.


Monday & Tuesday - Regular Collection

Wednesday - No Trash or Recycle Collection

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - Collections will be moved forward one day.



* Cardboard boxes

* Paper-based wrapping with bows, ribbons, and tape removed

* 100% recycled wrapping paper, free from bows, ribbons, and tape

* Simple, paper-based greeting cards with staples removed


The reason why wrapping paper and greetings cards with glitter, foil or embossed elements cannot be recycled is because recycling machinery is not equipped to cope with plastic- or foil-coated papers. Sticky tape, bows, and ribbons could potentially damage the recycling machinery.


Contact: Stormy Nickerson                         

City of Marshall     

 PO Box 698   

Marshall, TX 75671                                        

Phone (903) 934-7995                            


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