Republic Services to introduce updated recycling pick-up schedule April 19

Due to an overwhelming number of Marshall residents taking advantage of the recycling services offered by Republic Services, and in an effort to make recycle pick up more efficient and effective, Republic Services will introduce an updated recycling schedule on Friday, April 19.
Beginning on April 19, customers with Friday garbage pick-up will now have their recycling picked up on the same day. This includes addresses west of Highway 59 and South of Pinecrest Drive, including odd numbered addresses on Highway 59 and even numbered addresses on Pinecrest Drive; and is represented by the purple shaded “Friday” area in the map below. All other areas will continue to have Wednesday recycling pick-up.
“As we have gone through our recycling collections since we started once per week recycling pick up back in February, we have certainly noticed some issues and challenges, and that the routes were taking longer to complete than expected. With Department of Transportation laws limiting the number of hours per day commercial drivers can be behind the wheel, it has been necessary to carry over a partial route to the next day for completion, which put us behind schedule and caused us to miss some areas. Because of this, our team has come up with the solution to service the Friday trash route and collect recycling in that area only on the same day. This will allow us to spread out a small portion of the recycle route to give the extra time needed to properly service each home and complete the routes in a timely manner,” said Gene Keenon, Manager of Government Affairs for Republic Services.
As a reminder, customers must have their carts out on the curb or street by 7 a.m., separate the carts four (4) feet apart and away from any object, and face carts forward with the lid opening toward the street in order to be serviced. In addition, by city ordinance, carts must be removed from the curb within 24 hours after being serviced or collection service may be suspended.
“I want our citizens to know that we have been listening to their feedback about the recycling service and that is why we feel it was in the best interest of our citizens to facilitate this change. I believe this change will allow Republic Services to correct the issues they have been encountering with the recycling pick-up and allow for better, more efficient garbage and recycling service for our citizens,” said City Manager Mark Rohr.
Questions or requests for additional information about this change should be directed to Republic Services at 903-986-5324.

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