This week we have two MVP’s in our Department. These MVP’s are Detective Rob Farnham and Officer Brandon Rousseau.
On Saturday morning, February 7, 2015, Marshall Police Department Communications received
a call reference a major wreck in the 1700 block of US Hwy 59N.  It was reported that the vehicle had rolled over, was on fire and the driver of the vehicle was trapped inside.  Detective Farnham
and Officer Rousseau arrived on scene and began suppressing the fire with fire extinguishers. The two officers were able to keep the fire away from the driver until the Marshall Fire
Department arrived and put the fire out.  Firefighters at the scene attributed the quick actions of Detective Farnham and Officer Rousseau for keeping the driver safe and preventing further injury.
On January 20, 2015, the Marshall Police Department received a letter in the mail from the mother of a victim of a crime that occurred in Marshall. This letter was commending Detective Rob Farnham for a thorough investigation on her daughters’ case.  The young lady had been a victim of theft and the case was assigned to Detective Farnham.   Detective Farnham was able to speak to the mother, calm her fears and explain the process of the investigation. The following is an excerpt of the letter written:
“Detective Farnham,
Let me first start off by thanking you for all your hard work and dedication in providing me with information I could not get due to distance. I appreciate the many times you were able to speak with me, assure me and even calm me down in reference to my daughter’s safety and her missing property.  I am assured with her presence at Wiley College because of people like you…..I am certain that you are an asset to the Marshall Police Department and your division, as you were definitely one to me.”
Chief Jesus Eddie Campa stated, “I am very proud of Detective Farnham and Officer Rousseau. Both Officers arrived on the scene of a major accident and took actions that prevented an accident victim from being further injured.  Detective Farnham also was able to calm a mother’s fear about her daughter being away from home and living in Marshall. These two events show the type of kindness and compassion that represents all employees with the Marshall Police Department.   I am proud to announce that Detective Rob Farnham and Brandon Rousseau have been named this week’s MVP’s.”
                                        Officer                                     Detective
                             Brandon Rousseau                           Rob Farnham

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