PRESS RELEASE - MCAT Stats for Jan 2015



MCAT statistics for January 2015.


Chief Jesus Eddie Campa stated that “The Marshall Criminal Apprehension Team was designed to be a direct response to patterns of unlawful activity, with the intent to reduce crime city wide.” Chief Campa stated that “MCAT division continues to be a proactive deterrent to crime in Marshall.”  MCAT statistics for the Month of January 2015 are as follows:


***Arrest charges will outnumber the number of arrests***


43 arrests resulting in 52 misdemeanor charges and 14 felony charges, resulting in 66 total charges


1 Search warrant resulting in the recovery of stolen property, firearms, and narcotics 


13 of the arrest were related to drug possession with 5 arrests in Drug Free Zones

235 Traffic stops

197 traffic related citations


Chief Campa would like to remind the citizens that this is only part of the great work done by the Police Department and does not include the statistics for Patrol Bureau or Criminal Investigations Bureau.




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