PRESS RELEASE - Cookout Success

DATE: Aug. 26, 2015

RE: MPD hosts successful neighborhood cook-out


Tuesday night, Aug. 25, members of the Marshall Police Department hosted a neighborhood cook-out under the pavilion at West End Park. More than 315 residents of the BelAire Manor Apartment neighborhood met with police officers and city officials.


The community cook-out was held as part of Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa’s grassroots initiative, No Colors, No Labels. Two of the main goals of this initiative involve promoting unity in the city of Marshall, and building positive relationships between the police department and the citizens.


Chief Campa developed the concept for this neighborhood event to strengthen the relationships between the Marshall Police Department and the citizens of Marshall. “Our motto for the Marshall Police Department is ‘Putting Our Community First,’” Campa said. “We believe community events, such as this cookout, give the residents of Marshall the opportunity to get to know and trust the members of the police department.”


Residents had an opportunity to speak with Chief Campa, Marshall Mayor Eric Neal and Commissioners Garrett Boersma and Michael Mitchell one-on-one during the two-hour event. Children in attendance were given drug awareness education pamphlets and coloring books donated by the Marshall Elks’ Lodge.


Sponsors of the cook-out included: Marshall Homecare and Hospice, McKool Smith and Sam Baxter, Meadowbrook Funeral Home, McDonald’s on Victory Drive and Brookshire Brothers.




MPD1: MPD Administrative Assistant, Sarah Sheneman, serves hot dogs at the Marshall Police Department’s neighborhood cook-out at West End Park Aug. 25. More than 315 people came through the serving line. (Marshall Police Department Photo)


MPD 2: MPD Police Community Representative, Officer George Gill, helps citizens find just the right soda at the Marshall Police Department’s neighborhood cook-out at West End Park Aug. 25. (Marshall Police Department Photo)


MPD 3: Marshall Police Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa talks to a group of children and adults at the neighborhood cook- out at West End Park Aug. 25. Marshall Mayor Eric Neal and MPD Capt. John S. Best were on hand as well. (Marshall Police Department Photo)


MPD 4: Richard Gaulden, owner of Meadowbrook Funeral Home, and Tracy Jackson, funeral home manager at Meadowbrook Funeral Home, grilled hot dogs for the cook-out. Meadowbrook Funeral Home was a main sponsor of the event hosted by the Marshall Police Department.  (Marshall Police Department Photo)






Becky Holland, Marshall Public Information Officer, (903)935-4543 (Office), (903)702-9510 (Cell)




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