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The Marshall Police Department is pleased to share its 2014 TIER 1- Partial Exemption Racial Profiling Report with our community.  This report was mandated by the 77th Texas Legislative Session in 2001 which prohibited racial profiling by law enforcement and is submitted to the Marshall City Commission on an annual basis.


A TIER 1- Partial Exemption Racial Profiling Report is possible because all marked MPD patrol vehicles that make routine traffic stops are equipped with audio and video recording equipment that documents the interactions between our officers and the public we serve.


“I am proud to release the 2014 Racial Profiling Report to the community. This report shows that none of our officers partake in any type of racial profiling,” MPD Chief Eddie Campa said, “The data shows that our traffic stops are consistent with the demographics of our great city.”


Chief Campa continued, “The Marshall Police Department does not tolerate the practice of Racial Profiling under any circumstances and the statistics found in this report support that.  Our purpose is to serve and protect the citizens of Marshall. The Marshall Police Department is dedicated to preserving public safety and quality of life within the City of Marshall, to respond effectively to the changing needs of the community, and to promote mutual respect between the Police Department and the people we serve.”


Lt. Len Ames



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