NEWS RELEASE: MPD Upgrades Radio System

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The Marshall Police Department and Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is offering some clarity on MPD’s recent radio upgrade regarding the ability to communicate with each other. The Marshall Police Department is now using a MotoTRBO radio system while HCSO is using an P25 system. This change has resulted in some misunderstandings from the public when it comes to our response to public safety incidents. We want to point out that this communications upgrade does not put the public at any risk in the event of a major incident; it does not affect how or when we respond to calls for service.

MPD and HCSO dispatchers can still communicate through the HCSO P25 dispatch system. MPD officers can also switch to the HCSO channel on their radios and directly communicate to HCSO dispatch and deputies. However, should HCSO deputies need to reach out and initiate a conversation with MPD officers; they can go through theirdispatch system or contact a MPD officer who is monitoring the HCSO channel. Basically, this means that since MPD and HCSO are operating on different systems, HCSO can no longer communicate with Marshall PD on the primary MPD radio channel. However, MPD can switch to the HCSO channel and monitor Harrison County’semergency traffic. The two departments also can communicate via an analog channel thatwas once used by the Marshall Fire Department. This channel will be monitored by Marshall Police Dispatch and the HCSO Dispatch.

The temporary and immediate solution to this issue will be to provide a MPD radio to the Harrison County Dispatch terminal. Having this radio will allow HCSO dispatchers to monitor MPD calls for service.Again, this upgrade does not put the public at risk in the event of a major incident. MPD and HCSO dispatchers have always communicated with each other when a need arises and will continue to do so.

Kelly Colvin
Public Information Officer
Marshall Police Department


Lt. Jay Webb
Public Information Officer
Harrison County Sheriff’s Office





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