NEWS RELEASE: Marshall PD Warns Of Unauthorized Text Payments

In the past few days the Marshall Police Department has received information from several people who are receiving text messages such as the following… “on behalf of MARSHALL, TX An outstanding balance of $75 (amounts may vary) is owed” with a link to click to pay. These texts are from a collection agency attempting to collect outstanding balances on Red Light Photo Enforcement violations. While this is not a scam, and there has been no data breech, the company, Municipal Services Board (MSB) was not authorized by the Marshall Police Department or the City of Marshall to attempt to collect in this manner. They have been issued instructions to cease and desist all attempts to collect by text message. Do not attempt to pay the violation by using the site included in the text, it was not authorized.
If you do owe an outstanding balance on a red light photo enforcement violation you may pay it in the following manner:

By mail at: Marshall Photo Enforcement
Program Payment Center
P.O. Box 76901
Cleveland, OH 44101

You may view photos and a video of the violation and pay the fine by credit card at:
(Enter City Code: MRSHL)

You may also contact the Marshall Red Light Photo Enforcement Program Customer Service Call Center toll free at
1-866-527-9470, Monday- Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm (Central Time).







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