The Marshall Police Department is proud to announce this week’s MVPs – Officer Greg Killeen, Officer La’Keldrick Adams and K-9 Officer Polux.

On June 9, Officer Greg Killeen conducted a traffic stop in the 100 block of Hillcrest Terrace. During the stop, suspicion of a driver led to a K-9 search of the vehicle. Officer La’Keldrick Adams arrived on scene with K-9 Polux.

Witnesses to the event stated that Officer Killeen showed professionalism and resourcefulness during the process, ensuring that no further incident could occur as a result of the stop. Those witnesses also stated that Officer Adams and K9 Polux were diligent, competent and very thorough in the search.

The stop led to the arrest of Steven Riley Jones, and the confiscation of four ounces of marijuana and 15 pills of Xanax.

They were assisted by Officer Jessica Chiles in transporting the arrested.

Chief Jesus “Eddie” Campa stated, “Officers Killeen and Adams showed very good investigative skills during this arrest. Through training and intuition, they were able to take a felony amount of marijuana and Xanax off the street. This is a fine example of our officers going above and beyond during the initial stop, utilizing resources made available, and taking a criminal off the street. Both officers exhibited our motto of putting our community first. And we can’t forget, K-9 Polux, one of our newest K-9s, who assisted in alerting the officers to the drugs in the car.”






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