Marshall Sewer Safeguards 20March2020

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For Immediate Release 

City of Marshall Public Works Safeguards

[Marshall, Texas, March 20, 2020] During this time of heightened usage of disinfectant, anti-bacterial wipes, and personal hygiene wipes, please be reminded that the City of Marshall sewer lines cannot process many of these items. The following items are often found to be the cause of stoppages in the City sewer lines and should NEVER be disposed of by flushing into the Sanitary Sewer Collection system:

•          Disinfectant, antibacterial, and personal hygiene wipes

•          Grease

•          Food scraps

•          Paper towels or napkins

•          Feminine hygiene products

•          Disposable diapers

•          Cigarette butts (from ashtrays emptied into toilets and flushed)

•          Shop rags

•          Plastic bags

•          Mop heads

•          Disposable mopping cloths

•          Facial tissues (Kleenex, etc.)

“Your assistance and cooperation are greatly appreciated in order to ensure that our City of Marshall Sanitary Sewer Collection System operates effectively and efficiently,” stated Eric Powell, PE, Director of Public Works. For more information, please contact the City of Marshall Public Works Department at (903) 935-4487.

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