Marshall 3.1 Million Parker Creek Grant Submission 7.2.2020

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July 2, 2020


Marshall 3.1 Million Parker Creek Grant Submission 7.2.2020


[Marshall, Texas] The City of Marshall has submitted an application to the Texas Water Development Board under the "Flood Infrastructure Fund (FIF)" program for the proposed Parker Creek Detention Pond project.  The Parker Creek Detention Pond Project realizes a vital need of the citizen-driven Mobilize Marshall plan in 2019 to address Infrastructure improvements. Local citizens and City Commissioners advanced three short-term core components for the city’s infrastructure.


1.            Develop and comprehensive plan for roadway and drainage improvements,

2.            Adequately fund roadway and drainage on an annual basis, and

3.            Cleanup and develop creek areas.


Passed by the Legislature and approved by Texas voters through a constitutional amendment, the FIF program provides financial assistance in the form of loans and grants for flood control, flood mitigation, and drainage projects.  This project aims to reduce flooding of US Hwy 59 and US Hwy 80 in Marshall, Texas, where US Hwy 59 is a designated hurricane evacuation route.


Construction of the proposed Parker Creek Detention Pond will significantly reduce the frequency and depth of flooding at the US Highway 80 and US Highway 59 road crossings of Parker Creek.  The proposed Parker Creek Detention Pond is on a 33.565-acre tract of land owned by the City of Marshall.  As recommended, the detention pond will have a permanent body of water of approximately 20 acres, which could enhance the use of the property as a municipal park for the citizens of Marshall. Significant features of the proposed detention pond include: 1) an earthen embankment of approximately 1,000 feet length with a maximum height of 20 feet, 2) a reinforced concrete principal spillway conduit of 10 feet span by 6 feet rise by 150 LF length and 3) a concrete-lined emergency spillway of 200 feet crest length.


The total amount requested through the program is $3,160,000, representing the project's design and construction costs.


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