How To Avoid Gas Pump Skimmers



The Marshall Police Department is offering more tips for consumers regarding gas pump skimmers after three devices were recovered from a local gas station within the past week. Marshall Police detectives have thoroughly checked all of the gas pumps within the City of Marshall and did not find any skimmers. The skimming devices that were recovered last week were from a gas station in Harrison County, near the city limits of Marshall. This type of skimming device was placed inside the pump itself instead of on the outside of the machine and they were completely undetectable by consumers. The best advice we can give to consumers is to go inside the store to pay for gas, preferably with cash.

Here are some more tips:

  • If you must pay at the pump, run your card as credit, NOT debit. This way, the criminals can’t get your PIN number and wipe out your bank account within seconds.
  • Don’t rely on the security tape at the pump. Criminals may have access to the security tape placed on the pumps.
  • Keep a close watch on your bank account and notify your bank immediately if you notice any suspicious activity on your account.

Anyone with questions about this type of crime or anyone who needs to report a potential skimming device, please call the Marshall Police Department at 903-935-4575 or the Criminal Investigations Division at 903-935-4540. 


Kelly Colvin
Public Information Officer
Marshall Police Department





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