Community Development Block Grant - Coronavirus Plan 2020 April 24, 2020

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Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus Funding Information Sheet
April 27, 2020

The CARES Act made available $5 billion in Community Development Block Grant Coronavirus (CDBG-CV) funds. Of this amount, the Department of Housing and Rural Development (HUD) is immediately allocating $2 billion based on the fiscal year 2020 CDBG formula. The remaining $3 billion shall be allocated based on needs using best available data, in the following tranches: $1 billion shall be allocated to States and insular areas within 45 days of enactment of the Cares Act, and $2 billion shall be distributed to states and local governments at the discretion of the Secretary. Up to $10 million will be set aside for technical assistance. Given the immediate needs faced by our communities, HUD has announced the first allocation of funds. The City of Marshall’s allocation is $212,544.

The proposed budget and plan will be available to the public on the City of Marshall webpage and posted outside at City Hall for review on April 27 thru May 8, 2020. Below is the plan as recommended by the Community Development Staff:
Planning- Grant funds to units of general local government may be used for planning activities in conjunction with an activity, they may also be used for planning only as an activity. These activities must meet or demonstrate that they would meet a national objective.

Public Services- Provision of new or quantifiably increased public services. (24 CFR 570.201(e)).
Economic Development Assistance - provision of assistance to private, for-profit entities, when appropriate to carry out an economic development project (24 CFR 570.203(b)). Avoid job loss caused by business closures related to social distancing by providing short-term working capital assistance to small businesses to enable retention of jobs held by low- and moderate-income persons.

Category Proposed CDBG-CV Budget
Planning $42,509.00
Public Services $31,882.00
 Economic Development Assistance$138,153.00
Total $212,544.00

On May 14, 2020, the City Commission will conduct a public hearing regarding the proposed budget/plan for the CDBG-CV and an agenda item will call for the Commission to approve the above CDBG-CV plan/budget. Once approved, the plan will be forwarded to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for review.

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