PUBLIC NOTICE - MCL Coliform Violation


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PUBLIC  NOTICE - MCL Coliform Violation (TCR 22)

July 31, 2015


The City of Marshall /ID# 1020002 water system collected (2) water samples during July, 2015, that contained coliform bacteria.  This water system is required to submit a minimum of 25 routine water samples each month for bacteriological analysis. (2)  routine samples were coliform-found and (0) repeat samples were coliform-found for the month and year indicated above.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) sets drinking water standards in Texas and has determined that the presence of total coliform is a possible health concern.  Coliforms are bacteria that are naturally present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other, potentially-harmful, bacteria may be present.  Coliforms were found in more samples than allowed and this was a warning of potential problems.


For water systems analyzing at least 40 samples per month, no more than five (5) percent of the monthly samples may be positive for total coliform. For systems analyzing fewer than 40 samples per month, no more than one (1) sample per month may be positive for total coliform.


If you have questions regarding this matter, you may contact Nancy Pasel at 903-935-4492.






**The City of Marshall has taken all necessary measures to insure that our treated drinking water meets or exceeds all standards set by the TCEQ.  The sampling process is being examined to make sure the process itself is not causing the reported bacteria sample.  Repeated tests have since confirmed no evidence of the previously reported bacteria in our treatment system.







Obligatorio Idioma de Notificación Pública

MCL de Coliformes Violación (TCR 22)

City of Marshall / ID #1020002 sistema de agua  (2) durante Julay, 2015, que contenía  bacterias coliformes.  Se requiere este sistema de agua que presente un mínimo de (25) cada mes para el análisis bacteriológico. (2) fueron se encontraron coliformes coliformes encontrados y (0) repetidas para el mes y año indicado anteriormente.

La Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) establece los estándares de agua potable en Texas y se ha determinado que la presencia de coliformes totales es un posible problema de salud. Coliformes son bacterias que están naturalmente presentes en el medio ambiente y se utilizan como un indicador de que otros, potencialmente dañinos, bacterias pueden estar presentes.  Coliformes fueron encontrados en más muestras de las permitidas y esto fue una advertencia de problemas potenciales.

Para analizar los sistemas de agua de al menos 40 muestras por mes, no más de cinco (5) por ciento de las muestras mensuales pueden ser positivos para coliformes totales. Para los sistemas de análisis de menos de 40 muestras al mes, no más de una (1) muestra al mes puede ser positiva para coliformes totales.

Si usted tiene preguntas con respecto a este asunto, puede comunicarse Nancy Pasel 903-935-4492


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