Proposed GoBus Fare Increase & Route Change



Proposed GoBus Fare Increase & Route 
Change for Marshall Flex Route 
A public hearing will be held at the Marshall Workforce Center, 4300 E. End Blvd. S., Marshall, Texas 75670 on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. to allow public comments concerning a proposed fare increase for the GoBus Marshall Flex Route. 
The proposed fare structure is as follows: 
One-Way Fares proposed to become effective May 10, 2017.
$1.00 Fare 
$0.50 for persons over 60 years of age and students 
Please see the attached map for proposed route changes. 
Should you have questions, please call GoBus at 800-590-3371. 
Aumento de Tarifa Propuesto de GoBusY cambio de ruta para la ruta de Marshall Flex

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