Open Records Request



Open Records Request


Open Record Requests are accepted in any legible format or you may use this form to help expedite your request.

Send completed requests to:

Mail:    Elaine Altman, City Secretary                        Fax: 903-9347827

            City of Marshall                                  or

            P. O. Box 698                                                 Email:

            Marshall, Texas 75671



I hereby request the following information from the City of Marshall, Texas. I understand that the information will be provided under the Texas Public Information Act, and that a fee may be charged for the information.




Telephone Number:


Request made by:


Mobile Number:




Fax Number:




Email Address:



I request:         □ Inspection Only

                        □ Copies of the following records

Detailed description of your request:










                                                                                    Signature of Requestor

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