Construction Superintendent RFQ

Request for Qualifications 
For Construction Superintendent Services 
Requested by the City of Marshall, Texas 
The City of Marshall, Texas desires to renovate the Memorial City Hall building that is located at 110 East Houston at the southeast corner of the Courthouse Square in downtown Marshall. The building was built in 1927 and has been mostly vacant since 1994. The footprint of the building measures approximately 70 feet by 120 feet and the building consists of four levels. Approximately 16,500 square feet will be renovated. Additionally, part of the building is 
occupied by the Han-ison County Historical Museum Research Library. Renovation of this area has already been completed. 
The City proposes to retain the services of a highly qualified, capable Construction Superintendent during the construction of the Project. Those who participate in this RFQ  process are sometimes referred to as "Respondents" and "Construction Superintendent". The City will give prime consideration to the Respondent with significant cun-ent experience in the construction of buildings of similar size, scope, budget, and construction methods and 
techniques to the proposed Memorial City Hall Renovation Project. The City reserves the right to negotiate with one or more parties and is not obligated to enter into any contract with any 
Respondent on any te1ms or conditions. Consideration will be given to all qualified respondents. 
The selected Construction Superintendent will be responsible for the day-to-day operations and control of the sho11-tenn schedule of the Memorial City Hall renovation project, including 
quality control and subcontractor coordination responsibilities. 
  1. Coordinates and supervises all construction activities.
  2. Directs all field personnel to achieve completion of project on schedule, within budget, with quality workmanship that confonns to the original plan and specifications.
  3. Reviews scope of work for contracts issued.
  4. Maintains construction schedule; identifies and solves problems.
  5. Orders materials and schedules inspections as necessary throughout the process.
  6. Understands the project plan and specifications.
  7. Maintains positive relationships and professional and tactful demeanor with customers, contractors, suppliers, employees, and diverse personalities.
  8. Displays strong written and oral communication skills and employs effective listening skills.
  9. Prepares, schedules and supervises completion of final punch list.
  10. Promotes jobsite safety, encourages safe work practices, and rectifies jobsite hazards immediately.
  11. Maintains an organized jobsite and daily activity log.
  12. Utilizes strong organizational skills.
  13. Analyzes problems and makes decisions in a timely manner, based on objectives, risks, implications, and costs.
The City is seeking a Construction Superintendent who has the required insurance coverage for this project. 
The City desires to complete this project within seven to ten months of the start of construction. The City will be seeking to negotiate a flat fee with a Construction Superintendent to provide the above-listed services to assist the City with completion of this project. 
Upon review of the statements of qualification received, the City of Marshall may choose to conduct interviews with selected individuals. The dates and times for interviews will be detennined after review of the proposals, but we anticipate interviews being conducted prior to February 25, 2016
The selected Respondent will then negotiate with the City on fee and contract conditions. If a reasonable fee cannot be achieved with the selected Respondent, negotiations will proceed with the second choice respondent until a mutually agreed contract can be negotiated. 
The criteria used to evaluate the RFQ responses will include, but not be limited to, the following (items listed below are not listed in order of importance): 
  • A. Qualifications of the Respondent, specifically as they relate to this Project.
  • B. Knowledge and understanding of the City's paiticular needs.
  • C. Respondent's experience on projects of similar scope and scale.
  • D. Performance on past related projects.
  • E. Professional references.
Each response shall be submitted as outlined in this section. Please include an outside cover and/or first page, containing the name of the Project. A table of contents should be next, followed by dividers separating each of the following sections: 
  • Divider #1: Letters: The first page following the divider shall be a letter transmitting the response to the City and stating that the proposal set forth in it remains effective for a period of 60 calendar days. At least one copy of the transmittal Jetter shall contain the original signature of the Respondent.
  • Divider #2: Respondent Information

a. Firm name, address, and telephone number.

b. Structure of company, i.e., sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and size of finn.

c. Years the company has been in business.

d. Names of principals in company.

e. Primary contact and his/her email address

  • Divider #3: General Company History/Qualifications

a. A brief history of the Respondent and the services routinely provided in-house on similar building projects.

b. Respondent's resume

  • Divider #4: Legal and Insurance Information

a. List all litigation against or involving the finn or its employees with respect to any work perfonned.

b. All insurance coverage that the Respondent has which would be applicable to the work.

  • Divider #5: Experience and References

a. Discussion of Respondent's experience in working with Government Agencies.

b. List of projects similar in size, budget, scope, and construction type to the proposed Memorial City Hall Renovation Project.

  • Divider #6: Management and Organizational Approach: Describe the Construction Superintendent's approach to communication with the City's Construction Manager and Architect related to the project. 
Sealed submittals are required, and must be received by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, to the address set forth below. All submittals must be labeled on the outside with the Respondent's name, the name of the project "City of Marshall -Construction Superintendent -Renovation of Memorial City Hall". Five (5) copies of the response are to be addressed to: 
Lisa Agnor 
City Manager 
City of Marshall 
P.O. Box 698 
Marshall, TX 75671 or 401 South Alamo Marshall, Texas 75670 
Please direct any inquiries to Ms. Agnor at 903-935-4418 or at lagnor(a{ 
The Marshall City Commission prefers to use a not-to-exceed basis for fees. The City Manager will be responsible for final hiring decisions. 
The City of Marshall reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received and to conduct new 
selection procedures for future projects. 


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