Animal Control


The City of Marshall has a progressive thinking Animal Control / Animal Shelter Staff dedicated to the welfare and well-being of the pets in our community.  We work diligently to improve the lives of these animals by educating pet owners of the importance of spaying and neutering, offering information on low/no cost spay / neuter programs in the area,  informing owners about animal care ordinances and enforcing these ordinances when owners prove unwilling or unable to comply.

1. We are committed to improve the bond between pets and people

2. We are committed to increase awareness of the necessity to spay / neuter

3. We are committed to the welfare of the public by enforcement of animal control ordinances

4. We are committed, as the local rabies control authority, to protect the community from stray and dangerous dogs

5. We are committed to the animal population of Marshall - investigating cruelty, neglect, and abandonment reports and prosecuting when necessary.

The Marshall Animal Shelter is staffed and run by the City of Marshall Animal Control.  The Shelter is located at 607 E End Blvd S (Hwy 59), and our phone number is 903-935-4530.  We are conveniently located behind the Water Treatment plant. 

The Animal Control staff are responsible to pick up all stray dogs within the City Limits of Marshall and we receive all the unwanted dogs and cats, puppies and kittens from all of Marshall, Harrison County and sometimes animals from Marion and Panola Counties.  As a 'high-volume, full-service' shelter we receive every animal, in any condition, for any reason, from whoever brings it in.  You can see some of our adoptable pets by following us on Facebook.




CLICK HERE for a "Houses for Hounds" Application


Check Out Marshall Codes And Ordinances Regarding Animals

We are always looking for avenues to get these pets out 'on a leash', so we work with a multitude of rescue groups who help us in this venture. 

We could not provide top notch service without the help of all the rescue groups that have helped us over the years.  We have managed to save hundreds of pets, and we thank each and every participant for all the help they have provided our Animal Shelter!





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