Solid Waste Disposal


The City of Marshall contracts with Republic Services for garbage collection service.  Charges for this service are reflected each month under the 'Sanitation' portion of each customer's water bill.  Effective February 1, 2019,  residential accounts will be billed $15.58  per month (including tax) for this service, and garbage collection will move from twice per week, to once per week.  As part of this change in service, Republic Services will now provide each customer a 95 gallon rolling cart  to place garbage in for pick up.  Garbage MUST be bagged before placing in the cart, and only garbage placed in the blue Republic Services carts will be picked up. Additional garbage carts may be ordered by calling Republic Services at 903-986-5324; however, there is a $3 monthly fee assessed by Republic Services for  each additional garbage cart.  This fee will be added to the customer's monthly water bill.  Commercial accounts are billed based on the amount of service required. 

Bulk Waste Service

Residents who have bulk-type items (such as bagged leaves, limbs, mattresses, broken furniture, etc.) may contact Republic Services at 903-986-5324 to schedule a 'bulk pick up'.  This service is provided at no extra cost to residential customers.  Bulk pick up service is provided on Thursday of every week, and the pick up request must be called in to Republic Services no later than Tuesday of the same week.

Please call Republic Services at 903-986-5324 to report a service problem or you have service related questions. 
Rates for City Collection (all rates are plus tax): 
The following rates shall be charged for each monthly period to all customers of the garbage collection system in the City of Marshall, beginning February 1, 2019: 


1. Residential rate $14.40  for once per week pick up
2. Commercial bag rates are as follows:
Commercial bags curbside twice a week service at $21.44/Monthly - Maximum 8 bags per pickup
Commercial bags curbside for five times a week service in the Downtown Business District at $21.44/Monthly - Maximum 8 bags per pickup; downtown business district defined as the area:
South of Highway 80 (Grand Avenue)
North of Travis Street
West of Alamo Boulevard
East of Grove Street
3. Commercial bins: Monthly Rate
 *For special collection provided, charges are to be negotiated between the contractor and producer prior to collection. If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter may be submitted to the city for determination of a reasonable fee.
Commercial bins, schedule of rate for extra pickups: 
4. Roll-off containers ($60.00 delivery and exchange cost):
*With respect to apartments and duplexes, where the owner provides reasonable space for and access to a bulk container, commercial-type service shall be provided by the city; otherwise, residential-type service shall be provided.

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