Street Lights

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Street Lights – Reporting Outages:

Street light outage - Call AEP/SWEPCO at 800-218-3919; the pole number (obtained from the oval shaped metal tag located on the street side of the pole) or the street name and block number will be required.


Click this AEP/SWEPCO link to file street light outage ONLINE


Street Lights – Request a New Street Light:

Call the City Engineering Division at 903-935-4407 to request that your location be considered for a new street light or email John Clark at


Requirements for Street Light Consideration:
Residential Criteria:

a. All residential street lights will be 100W HPS.

b. Lights will be placed at all street intersections except at major thoroughfares where median lighting already exists.

c. Lights will be spaced 300 feet apart along the street, preferably in a staggering pattern.

d. Lights will be placed no closer than 200 feet except for intersections, in cul-de-sacs, and where curves, grades, etc., require additional lighting.

e. All cul-de-sacs longer than 200 feet from centerline of street to center point of cul-de-sac shall have a light at the street intersection and at the end of the cul-de-sac.

f. All severe street corners, severe turns, etc. shall be lighted with 250W HPS.

g. Lights shall be placed so as to gain the maximum use of existing and proposed physical street layout or characteristics.

Developers are responsible for installation of street lights in new or expanded developments.

All intersections of residential or collector streets and major thoroughfares shall be lighted with 250W HPS lights.

If a request for an additional street light is requested closer than the City of Marshall standards or at a higher wattage, the Engineering Division with review the request to determine if the request is justified, otherwise the requestor must participate in the cost of having the street light(s) installed or the wattage size increased.

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