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Police Officers and Fire Fighters employed by the City of Marshall are governed by Civil Service statues as provided by the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 143, and Local Civil Service Rules and Regulations established May 24, 1999 as amended. 
All required documents must be received by the City of Marshall’s Human Resources Division by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline. 
¨        Complete an official City of Marshall Employment Application. 
¨        Provide a copy of your high school diploma or GED  
¨        Provide a copy of your certified birth certificate.
¨        Provide a copy of your Military Separation Report DD-214. (Must include discharge status)
(Applicants with 180 days active duty AND an honorable discharge will receive an additional 5 points to a passing test score)
¨        Provide a copy of your Driver’s License.
¨        Provide a copy of your TCLEOSE license (or exam score) or proof of current enrollment in a recognized Police Academy. 
Upon successful completion of a 12-18 month probationary period, the employee will be governed by the provisions of the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 143 and Local Civil Service Rules and Regulations. 
There is no minimum or maximum height or weight limit. However, your weight must be appropriate for your height and build.
Employees are required to maintain a residence that will provide a thirty (30) minute response time to the Marshall Police/Fire Complex.
The Marshall Police Department hires only Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) Certified applicants or those who are currently enrolled in a recognized Police Academy. Applicants must meet all legal requirements necessary to become eligible for future licensing by the TCLEOSE. 
Must be a citizen of the United States and be able to read and write English.
If you need additional information, you may visit:                
City of Marshall Human Resources Division
401 S Alamo
Marshall, TX 75670
(903) 935-4425 Office
(903) 935-4429Fax
Law enforcement officers have unique job functions, some of which can be physically demanding and dangerous. An officer’s capability to perform these functions can affect personal and public safety. Training for the required skills is often more vigorous and demanding than the day-to-day job functions. The minimum fitness standards identified are the requisite levels for an officer to effectively learn the frequent and critical motor skills.
Before you can participate in the Physical Agility Test, you will be required to complete a liability release form exempting the City of Marshall from liability for any injury you might receive from participating in the Physical Agility Test. This liability waiver must contain your notarized signature and must be presented before you take the test. You will be required to obtain a signed, written statement from a physician attesting to your fitness to participate in the physical agility test.
Applicants must complete the entire course; failure to complete an individual exercise will automatically disqualify you. Applicants must complete all timed events as specified or they fail the examination. Applicants who fail to achieve the minimum number of sit-ups and push-ups will automatically be disqualified.
All applicants will be provided an orientation and walk-through. No one will be allowed to take the test unless they affirm that what is expected of them is fully understood. Time and pass/fail status will be given upon completion of the test.
Self-directed warm-up - 5-10 minutes
     1.        Maximum push-ups - minimum 15 to pass
(Measures muscular endurance in the chest and arms used in high intensity arrest simulation training.)
     2.        Maximum sit-ups (1 minute) - minimum 25 to pass
(Measures muscular endurance in the abdominal region used in high intensity arrest simulation training.)
     3.        Endurance Run and Rescue (6 minutes) – 880 yard continuous run with the following activities:
·         Run 440 yards, drop, and do two (2) push-ups;
·         Turn around and run 60 yards, drop, and do two (2) push-ups;
·         Run another 60 yards, drop, and do two (2) push-ups;
·         Run another 60 yards, drop, and do two (2) push-ups;
(This test measures aerobic capacity used in extended control and defensive tactics training.)
Cool Down - Minimum 10 minutes
The Selection Process consists of eight steps, all of which must be successfully completed before a candidate may be hired as a Probationary Police Officer. Generally, candidates must complete each step before being scheduled for the next. Successful candidates may expect to make four to five visits to various City testing sites during the process.
The entrance examination consists of a written test usually containing 100 questions. This is a multiple choice test that measures aptitude, reading comprehension and English usage. You must score at least 70% correct in order to pass the entrance examination and move forward in the hiring process. The score you receive on the entrance examination will determine your ranking on the hiring roster. (§ 143.025)
The Physical Agility Test consists of events designed to measure your strength, agility, and endurance. This is a pass/fail qualifying test. (See detailed Physical Agility Testing Information Sheet)
The background investigation includes a criminal history check of police records, driving record evaluation, personal, military and employment histories, reference checks, personal characteristics and general mode of living. You are evaluated on your respect for the law; honesty; mature judgment; respect for others; employment and military record, financial record, driving record, ability to maintain confidential information, and use of drugs and intoxicants. You must submit comprehensive biographical information for this investigation. You will also be subject to a pre-employment Polygraph Examination.
The oral interview is a behavior-based review of your personal history, providing evaluation of your problem-solving abilities, respect for diversity, community service orientation, role adaptability, oral communications ability and motivation. The interview panel will be comprised of various members of the Marshall Police Department.
A Polygraph Examination is conducted to confirm information obtained during your background investigation, as well as to determine honesty and integrity.
The Psychological Interview consists of an interview and evaluation by a City selected psychologist on factors related to the mental fitness required to perform the difficult and stressful job related requirements of being a Police Officer. (§ 143.022)
In order to be hired, all phases of the testing process must be successfully completed. Your original entrance examination score determines your placement on the hiring roster. Each hiring roster is valid for a period of not less than six months, and not greater than twelve months, unless all names on the hiring roster have been exhausted (§ 143.025). As positions become available, you may be offered a position with the Marshall Police Department (§ 143.026). All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of a medical examination and substance abuse screening.  
The post-offer medical examination and substance abuse screening tests are administered by a City selected Physician. It is essential that candidates have no health conditions that would restrict their ability to safely perform all essential functions of police work. (§ 143.022)
The City of Marshall strives to hire the best people to join our Police Department. Our goal is to fill each position with a person who is well qualified, has an interest in the job, and who will be committed to law enforcement. To do this, we feel it is important to give each applicant a realistic description of the job and its tasks so that each candidate can determine their interest level and willingness to succeed. 
As a Police Officer with the City of Marshall, you will be required to perform a large variety of tasks that encompass many diverse aspects including learned skills and "people" skills. We have provided you with a realistic preview of the types of tasks, which will be required; this list is non-exclusive and does not describe every task required of a Police Officer. We urge you to look past the exciting and glamorous aspects and consider the job of a Police Officer as a whole.
The Marshall Police Department has been proudly serving the community of Marshall for since 1890, currently employing 52 sworn police officers and 19 civilians. The Department is led by Chief Cliff Carruth and is supported by  two Captains. Each Captain is responsible for one or more major components within the Department's structure: the Administrative, Investigative, and Patrol Divisions. 
The Marshall Police Department strives to remain at the forefront of professional policing. This is accomplished by addressing community safety as the department's primary concern. The men and women of the Marshall Police Department are wholeheartedly committed to the goal of keeping our neighborhoods crime free. From the officers on patrol to the officers in our schools teaching children; from the Chief to the newest rookie officer...all maintain a strong spirit of commitment, teamwork, and service to the Marshall community.
The Marshall Police Department features many specialized "Divisions" playing a critical role in the overall effectiveness of the Department. Specialized Divisions consist of the Crime Scene Investigation, Special Response Team (S.R.T.), Canine Patrol, Narcotics Unit, Motorcycle Patrol and a Juvenile Section. The Marshall Police Department also features Community Policing, Crime Stoppers, and D.A.R.E. Programs.
Police Officers must evaluate situations, determine whether a crime has taken place, and make an independent decision as to what action is appropriate. In doing so, the Officer must simultaneously consider numerous factors, recognize patterns, and develop theories based on available information and evidence. 
Police Officers must attend daily roll call meetings. In these meetings, vital information is given about suspects, planned or suspicious activities, and crimes in their area. This information must be organized for use during their shift. Police Officers must pay attention to detail, noticing minute elements or components of a particular person or crime scene. Officers must also be able to visualize and recall an event after the fact in order to construct documentation of the event, possibly for future court testimony. Officers also recognize and gather evidence at the scene of a crime, and they are responsible for the safe storage and transportation of this evidence.
Police Officers are required to learn and memorize large quantities of complex and detailed material, including Penal Codes; legal terms; Marshall Police Department Rules and Regulations; Health and Safety Codes; Laws of Arrest; Search and Seizure Law, Laws of Evidence, etc.
Officers must quickly learn the Marshall Police Department call codes and language to access the various types of information needed. Officers must be able to accurately initiate and respond to clear, precise communications over the radio.
Police Officers must develop problem solving and reasoning skills in order to initiate innovative solutions to difficult and unique problems which are faced while on duty.
Police Officers frequently resolve citizen conflicts such as business, neighbor, family and traffic-related disputes which are often loud, emotionally charged, combative and/or time-consuming. Interpersonal skills are used to calm distraught persons, verbally subdue angry or combative persons, coax uncooperative persons into cooperation and pursued persons to provide information. 
Crowd control activity/intervention is necessary at scenes where tension is high (such as picket lines and other demonstrations). Officers observe crowd behavior and communicate with group leaders in order to keep peace and order among those gathered.   Police Officers frequently exhibit leadership skills by taking control of situations, inspiring confidence, delegating tasks, and providing a positive example for others.
Many different forms, logs, and reports and must be completed legibly and clearly. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a good working knowledge of English grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and spelling, and have the ability to be concise, descriptive and thorough in all written documents.
Effective communication and interpersonal interaction is frequent and crucial to initiate contact with members of the community to better understand the needs and problems of a particular area. Excellent listening skills must also be employed in person and on the telephone in order to listen closely to what is being said and retain that information, identify needs and emotions being expressed, and demonstrate interest and involvement. Police Officers also must interview and obtain information from victims and witnesses of crimes in a manner appropriate to the situation and culture of the people involved.
The ability to interact well with the public is essential in numerous day-to-day situations including answering phone calls from the public; taking reports; explaining the law and Marshall Police Department policies; listening and responding to complaints about police service, and handling complaints from citizens who walk into the station. Police Officers must testify accurately and credibly in court regarding arrests, reports taken, evidence recovered, and victims' statements.
Police Officers deal with all segments of society. Some members of the general public may have hostile feelings toward Police Officers and may express their hostility to the Officer in words and actions. A Police Officer must always behave professionally in the face of provocation.
A number of physically demanding activities are regularly required. These include, but are not limited to: pursuits by foot and/or vehicle, physically subduing, detaining and/or arresting combative subjects, physically searching subjects, performing rescues by dragging and/or carrying victims, performing CPR and first aid procedures, maintaining crowd control, serving arrest or search warrants, and driving a patrol vehicle for long periods of time. 
Police Officers work in all parts of the City, under all types of conditions, with all types of people. Officers may be required to search and/or touch suspects who are dirty, neglected, injured, and/or bleeding. It will be necessary to enter buildings or establishments, which are unsanitary or structurally unsound. After establishing probable cause, subjects must be detained and/or taken into custody. This involves using Department-approved techniques and equipment such as verbalization, control holds, batons, guns and handcuffs to physically subdue suspects using the minimum force necessary and at the same time treating them with as much dignity as possible. Officers are required to prove their firearms proficiency by regularly meeting qualification standards.
All Officers must maintain professional, cooperative working relationships with co-workers and persons from other agencies. Police Officers work under a great deal of pressure, yet must maintain a clear head and a positive attitude and work ethic. Police officers in the City of Marshall deal with a wide variety of people and must be open-minded, fair, unbiased and sensitive to people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and life-styles.
Police Officers work 12-hour shifts, including weekends and holidays, that rotate every 28-days. Schedules are subject to change, and overtime is required at times. Work schedules are determined by the needs of the department and are sometimes determined by circumstances and unforeseen events. All Officers must be adaptable and willing to adjust to frequent compulsory changes in work shifts, work locations, and other factors. Officers are required to maintain residency within a 30 minute response time to the Marshall Police Department. All officers must maintain telephone service at their private residence and that phone number must be provided to the department.
*Paid vacation, sick leave, longevity pay, educational incentive pay, medical, and retirement benefits.
Where and when to apply:
Human Resources office 1st floor city hall (located at the north-west corner of South Alamo and East Travis Streets). Mon. - Fri. 8:00a - 12:00 noon and 1:00p - 5:00p.
An equal opportunity employer M/F/D/V    
Cherilyn Garrison, PHR 
HR Manager/Civil Service Director 
P.O. Box 698 
Marshall, TX 75671-0698 
(903) 935-4426 Office 
(903) 935-4429 Fax 
(903) 935-4454 Job line

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