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Here is where people,

One frequently finds,

Lower their voices and

Raise their minds".

~~ Richard Armour, American poet and writer (1906-1989)



The Marshall Public Library is closed for renovation.  You can find us on Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:30 at our temporary location (505 E. Travis St., Suite 115) for books-only service. Our new home is just a block south & catty-corner of the library, east of the Carlile Law Firm, and catty-corner north from Pic-n-Pay. Enter through the lobby doors located in the middle of the building, take a left through the door by the elevator and look for the red bow on the door!  
Click here for a map and a picture of the building to help you find us better: New Location Information.
Area public libraries have computers available for our patrons to use as well as books available for check-out. For their guidelines, give them a call.  For questions, concerns, and other matters, feel free to email us at or call us at (903) 935-4465.
Here's a brochure with even more details: Renovation Information


The Marshall Public Library received official notification of its continued accreditation from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.  Accreditation status is dependent upon several criteriaClick here to view the library's 2015 Annual Report as submitted to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission or here for a quick overview.

Annual Report summaries:

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The Marshall Public Library Board of Trustees approved the Marshall Public Library 2014-2019 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Planning Committee received over 200 responses to a library services survey, and these were incorporated into the plan.  Feedback about library services is always appreciated and welcomed at any time.  Click here to view the Strategic Plan. Click here to view the library's goals for 2016.



GOT KIDS?  Check out the Children's Page for information and programming news for our youngest readers.



We will resume the group once the library renovations are complete!  The library's book club is open to all on a "come when you can" basis.  We welcome you to join this lively group with differing opinions.  If you need a copy of the featured book, call the library to request one.



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