Friends of a Public Library

“An open book now can open doors later".
 ~~Ed Asner, Actor (1929- )

The Friends of a Public Library is a non-policy making and non-profit organization whose purpose is to focus public attention on the need and importance of Marshall Public Library services, stimulate use of the library’s resources, receiving and encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests and support and cooperate with the library in maintaining services and facilities.


For as little as 3 cents a day, you can help the Friends of a Public Library in their efforts to directly support the programs and services of the library.  The membership form is available
here and can be returned to the library.

Book Sales for 2015

August 7-15

October 9-17


*Sneak, Peek & Buy for Friends members on the first Thursday of the Book Sale (memberships available at the door!)  The book sale starts at 9:30 each morning and ends 30 minutes before the library closes.


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