Board of Trustees


"Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library.  The only entrance requirement is interest".

 ~~Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady 

 The Board of Trustees was established by the City Commission on December 11, 1969 for the purpose of assisting the city staff and promoting usage and development of the Marshall Public Library. The City Commission appoints members to this board at its December meeting. 


The Board of Trustees acts as an advisory board and follows these guidelines:

By-Laws (last revised and adopted by the City Commission June 12, 2003) 

Ordinance regarding Attendance Requirements (adopted by the City Commission June 23, 2005)

Resolution of Appointments (adopted by the City Commission May 11, 2006)

Public Library Advisory Board Handbook (Texas State Library and Archives Commission; revised 2012) 


The Board of Trustees consists of 7 members who serve a two year term and may be reappointed for an additional two year term.  The Board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 4:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend.

Current members whose term expires December 31, 2020:

Christina Deel (1st term)

Jennifer Hoskins (1st term)

Eva Oliver (2nd term)

Ken Poindexter (2nd term)


Current members whose term expires December 31, 2021:

Scherry Earl (2nd term)

Peggy Emerson (1st term)

Ruby Pye (1st term)



A roster of the Board of Trustees dating back to 1970 can be found here.


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Quarterly Reports: The Board of Trustees submits quarterly reports to both the City Commissioners and County Commissioners to fulfill their advisory roles as Board of Trustees as specified in the By-Laws.

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