Historic Landmark Preservation Board

The goals of the Historic Landmark Preservation Board as outlined in Section 32A of the City's Code of Ordinances are:

  • To protect, enhance and perpetuate historic landmarks which represent or reflect distinctive and important elements of the City's cultural, social, economic, political, archaeological and architectural history;
  • To safeguard the City's historic and cultural heritage, as embodied and reflected in such historic landmarks; 
  • To stabilize and improve property values in such locations; 
  • To foster civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past; 
  • To protect and enhance the City's attractions to tourists and visitors and provide incidental support and stimulus to business and industry; 
  • To strengthen the economy of the city; and
  • To promote the use of historic landmarks for the culture, prosperity, education and welfare of the people of the City and visitors to the City. 

Board Members

Tony Crosby

Faye Whitaker

Ralph Newman

Rita Louise

Annye Fisher

Mary Lynn Vassar

Travis Keeney


April 25, 2016 Agenda

March 28, 2016 Agenda

March 28, 2016 Minutes

February 22, 2016 Agenda

February 22, 2016 Minutes

January 25, 2016 Agenda

January 25, 2016 Minutes


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