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Battalion Chief
Randall Jeans
601 S. Grove St.
Marshall, Texas 75670


Battalion Chief Randall Jeans has been a member of the Marshall Fire Department since August of 2000.  Promoted to the position of EMS Supervisor in January of 2016, Chief Jeans' primary responsibility is the management of the Ambulance fleet and the highly trained personnel that staff them.  Chief Jeans has been a paramedic for 14 years and holds instructor status in multiple disciplines.

EMS Mission Statement:

We exist to limit the pain and suffering of the people we serve by providing excellent medical attention in their time of need.  We promise to treat every patient with respect and dignity as we faithfully execute the duties entrusted to us.  We will commit ourselves to vigilance, service, and compassion as we strive to be the Emergency Medical Service of choice in this area.

Ambulance Billing

The Marshall Fire Department uses a private provider to process, and bill, for the services provided by the ambulance service.  The Marshall Fire Department does not directly contact insurance carriers, physicians, hospitals, or the patients in an effort to resolve billing issues.  If you feel there is an error in your ambulance bill, or if you have questions about the handling of your bill, we encourage you to contact the billing agency to discuss your case.



(972) 602-2060

(877) 602-2060 - toll free

Call Volume

Marshall Fire Department Ambulance Responses

Please check back, as we are updating our website to represent the most current data


If you feel you have not received excellent service from the Marshall Fire Department Ambulance service, we would like to hear from you.
Please find the email link to EMS Supervisor, Battalion Chief Randall Jeans, below.
Please use the email to describe what occurred, and where we fell short of your expectations.  You will be contacted quickly to discuss your case, and hopefully we will be able to resolve the problem quickly and to your satisfaction.


EMS Education

Kilgore College offers programs from Basic level Emergency Medical Technician up to Paramedic.
Panola College offers programs from Basic level Emergency Medical Technician up to Paramedic.
Tyler Junior College offers programs from Basic level Emergency Medical Technician up to Paramedic.






Living Well

The Marshall Fire Department encourages the citizens to be pro-active in their health and welfare.  This includes making wise decisions about food choices, and maintaining a physical exercise routine.

We support the “Get Healthy Marshall” initiative, and have several members that can attest to the benefits of such a program with their own results.  We as a department would like to challenge every member of the community to get involved with some wellness program to help stop diseases like Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, and Obesity before they begin.  What is even more impressive is the data coming back showing that diet and exercise can help to reverse some of these conditions.  We offer links to websites that can provide information about diet and exercise plans that can be easily implemented.  Be healthy Marshall!


Resource Links

American Red Cross -  www.redcross.org
Texas Department of Emergency Management -  www.txdps.state.tx.us/dem
Federal Emergency Management Agency -  www.fema.gov
Texas Homeland Security - www.governor.state.tx.us/homeland
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -  www.cdc.gov/
Centros Para el Control y la Prevencion de Enfermedades - www.cdc.gov/spanish
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - www.hhs.gov/
Texas Department of State Health Services - www.dshs.state.tx.us/
Ready Gov - www.ready.gov
Web MD - www.webmd.com/
Harrison County Health Department - www.harrisoncoutytexas.us/Healthpublichealth.htm



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