Battalion Chief

A Battalion Chief is a key member of the management staff for a fire department or fire agency. Battalion Chiefs are usually third in command behind the Fire Chief and his assistant, and they achieve their positions after years of training and experience.

Battalion Chiefs are fully trained and certified firefighters who have maintained their certifications and often built on them during their time with the fire department. They are also emergency responders with medical training, and sometimes Battalion Chiefs have specialized firefighting skills and certifications.

The Battalion Chief is responsible for managing day to day operations. When on shift, he coordinates emergency responses and manages fire crews large and small, supervising the Fire Captains who handle individual groups of firefighters. Being a Battalion Chief requires a very diverse skill set along with a high degree of organization and ability to engage in complex and varied tasks.



Battalion Chief Jeremy Michel

A - Shift



Battalion Chief Kenny Davis

B - Shift



Battalion Chief David Dean

C - Shift

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