Meeting Rooms

The Convention Center Meeting Rooms are ideal for meetings, rehearsals, small gatherings, wedding/baby showers
and more. There is a size for every type of meeting. To reserve a room, contact us.

6 Ft. Long Tables and chairs are available to you, as inventory allows. Round Tables for additional fees. These items will be set up according to an Accommodations Plan you will prepare. The furniture will be picked up at the conclusion of each event. Additional equipment is available upon request. Fees apply with some items.

Blue Bonnet Room Sabine Room
800 sq. Ft. (20' x 40') 400 Sq. Ft. (20' x 20')
Marshall Room All American Room
300 sq. Ft. (15' x 20') 840 Sq. Ft. (28' x 30')
Seven Flags Room Stagecoach Room
990 sq. Ft. (33' x 30') 600 Sq. Ft. (20' x 30')

Portable Staging Round Tables Portable P.A. Equipment Kitchen Use (Private or Outside Caterer) Baby Grand Piano Podiums Limited Special Lighting Concession Stand Overhead Projector Television w/VCR To request a rental of any of these rooms, please Click Here. Please review our policies concerning rental of this facility. Names of rooms are below each image.

BlueBonnet Room

Sabine Room

Marshall Room

All American Room

7 Flags Room

Stagecoach Room

To reserve a room - Contact Us!

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