Code Enforcement

The City of Marshall's Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing compliance with city ordinances regarding property maintenance, zoning, high weeds, trash and debris, junked vehicles, condemned structures, and any other issue deemed a hazard or nuisance to the overall health and safety of the community. The department responds to citizen requests and complaints, completes inspections and issues citations for code violations. 

Grass & Weeds - Sect. 14-20

Weeds and grass over 12 inches high is a violation of City Codes. 

Trash & Debris - Sect. 14-17

All lots and tracts of land within the City shall be kept clean of rubbish, trash, or any other unsightly, objectable, or unsanitary matter. 

Junked Vehicle - Sect. 20-32

A vehicle that is inoperable and/or partially dismantled, has expired tags and safety stickers, and/or has flat tires is a violation of City and State Codes and is subject to towing. 

Substandard Building - Sect. 7-77

All structures which constituted a mance to the health, safety, or general welfare of their occupant or the neighborhood shall be ordered to be vacated, removed, repaired, secured or demolished. 

Nuisance - Sect. 20-2

Any action that causes a lot or tract of land to become offensive or hazardous to the public. Example: raw sewage, odors, stagnant water on the ground or in pools. 

Illegal Signs - Sect. 24-2

Signs are not allowed within or projecting over the right-of-way; signs may not block pedestrian or vehicular access or interfere with visibility. SIgns shall not contain obscene works or characters and shall not contain flashing lights that imitate traffic control signs and may not mislead the public. 





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